JUNO is a football academy that uses
blockchain in order to unite all
children of the world
The World’s largest and fastest growing network of football academies for children with business rules on blockchain
Make your pledge to select the next region
in our network expansion!
Who We Are
We are the largest and fastest- growing chain of football academies for children in the world
  • 420 schools in 21 countries
  • 40,000+ children
  • 1,500+ coaches
  • On average, we are opening 12 academies per month
  • We have expanded into 12 countries over the last 12 months
  • The cost of our franchise rights has grown 5 fold in 3 years
Why Token Sale

OUR GOAL is to reach all of the children in every community.

We are running the Token Sale to implement a Blockchain and to expand in 5 macro-regions:
Shanghai (China), Delhi (India), Middle East, Lagos (Nigeria), Vietnam

Middle East Nigeria
Children aged 3-14 (Mln) 3.6 4.6 8.9 12.3 17.8
Max Academies 30 50 78 107 600
GDP (PPP) per capita, (USD) 19,500 4,900 60,000 5,700 2,185
Token Sale Goal, (USD) 2.5 2.5 5 3 5
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With your purchased tokens,
you can pledge to a region
you wish to support
Once a region gains enough pledges of
support, the expansion campaign will begin
Why Blockchain
Implementing the Blockchain is necessary in order to:
  • Implement cross border transfer of rights with transparent valuation and high liquidity
  • Decentralize processing and storage of data in our network
  • Store franchise ownership records and other operational data
  • Implement transparent ratings for coaches and academies
Profitability Calculation

Juno academy is a profitable business for our franchisee

Here is an example of our academy in Singapore:

Basic data

The franchise fee for this location is 9,000 USD

Recommended membership price is 250 USD
per month for 8 training lessons

Expected attendance per training lesson is 25 children

Revenue per lesson

25 children х 31 USD = 775 USD


1. Field rental for a 1-hour class is 110 USD

2. Coach salary

Each coach or assistant coach can train up to 8 players.
25 players require 2 coaches and 2 coach assistants. As an example, a coach gets paid 70 USD and assistant coach 30 USD per lesson, for a total of salary is 200 USD

Total outlays/training lesson: 310 USD

Operating profit

Gross profit from one training lesson
is 775-310 = 465 USD

8 training lessons per month make 3,720 USD

Less monthly fee for the central office support of 400 USD

Operating profit per month is 3,095 USD

At the end of the third month total operating profit will be equal to 9,285 USD, which covers the initial fee of 9,000 USD and the academy begins to produce an income flow

After reaching the breakeven point the income of each academy is expected to be at 3,095 USD per month (for one group of 25 children / 8 training lessons, one hour duration)

We partner with the leading European football clubs
Their experts take part in our webinars, our coaches have direct access to the academies training methods and we host joint training camps. We also organize trials for our players, either remotely via video or by arranging a visit to one of our partner clubs. Junior employs the training methodology of Ajax, Valencia and Olympiacos, as well as the Adidas training program.
JUNO Education ERP System
We have developed a unique Education ERP for sports schools

and education
of sports coaches

Planning and administration
for trainings, games
and tournaments

Imbedded live
business plan
for the academy owner

Management data base

Juno Sports Tracker For Children
We have developed the sport performance monitoring device:
  • We provide sensors for a football field and wrist bands for children
    that enable recording every child’s individual progress online
  • Coaches can analyze their players real-time performance while
    training or during the games
  • Parents can monitor their child’s results and achievements online
Choose a country to support

We have progressed in expanding our school network throughout the five macro-regions

You can pledge your purchased tokens to a specific region you want to support

The expansion campaign will start once sufficient support is acquired

Country Shanghai
Population 24.5 Mln
Children 3-14 3.6 Mln
Max Academies 30
GDP per capita 19,450 USD
Token Sale Goal $2.5 Mln
Country Delhi
Population 19.5 Mln
Children 3-14 4.6 Mln
Max Academies 50
GDP per capita 4,900 USD
Token Sale Goal $2.5 Mln
Country Middle East
(Saudi Arabia, UAE,
Bahrain, Oman)
Population 42.4 Mln
Children 3-14 8.9 Mln
Max Academies 78
GDP per capita 45,500 – 69,700 USD
Token Sale Goal $5 Mln
Country Lagos
Population 21 Mln
Children 3-14 12.3 Mln
Max Academies 107
GDP per capita 5,700 USD
Token Sale Goal $3 Mln
Country Vietnam
Population 94.5 Mln
Children 3-14 17.8 Mln
Max Academies 600
GDP per capita 6,900 USD
Token Sale Goal $5 Mln
* The region is so populous that we’ve split it into sub-regions
Expansion campaign for each macro-region includes:
  • Recruitment of local coaches who will be trained in accordance with our teaching methods
  • Opening preliminary academies and launching local ad campaigns
  • Commencing the sales of rights to open academies using auctions
JUNO tokens will be required to make bids
Do you have a working product?

Yes. Our Education ERP is working and has a mobile version as well as a customer support call-center.

Do you have any clients?

Yes. We are the largest franchising network of football academies for children:

  • 420 schools in 21 countries;
  • 1,000+ coaches;
  • 40,000+ children
Does your project necessarily require blockchain?

We need Blockchain to:

  • Decentralize processing and storage of data in our academies
  • Store franchise ownership records and other operational data
  • Implement transparent ratings for coaches and academies
What are the uses for your tokens inside your system?

There are two main uses for the Juno tokens:

  • The tokens will represent franchise prices to open new academies in each macro-region
  • The tokens may be used to buy additional products and services for children
Do you guarantee the growth of rate of JUNO tokens in the future?

We cannot guarantee that. However, we expect that the value of JUNO will increase over time because of two main reasons:

  1. 1) Franchise prices to open new academies will be set in tokens in every macro-region. Demand for academies is strong.
  2. 2) After academies are opened, the tokens may be used to buy additional products and services for children. We already offer branded jersey and stationery and our students like it.
When will JUNO tokens hit the exchange?

JUNO tokens will hit the exchange approximately two months after the ICO. We aim to make it tradable on at least 2-3 exchanges.

Token Sale Details
Stage Bonus* Dates
Pre sale 35% Sep '18
Token sale period 1 30% Nov '18
Token sale period 2 25% TBA
Token sale period 3 20% TBA
Token sale period 4 15% TBA
Token sale period 5 10% TBA
Token sale period 6 5% TBA
* Each macro-region has it's own independent bonus scale First 5 macro-regions are launched in Aug '18

Token price: 0.05 USD

Goal for 5 macro-regions: 18,000,000 USD

Tokens for 5 macro-regions: 562,500,000 JUNOs

Minimum contribution: 1 ETH

Stage bonuses are summed up with contribution bonuses
Contribution Extra Bonus
>$50K +25%
>$150K +50%
>$250K +75%
>$500K +100%

Tokens Distribution
  • Token Sale
  • Juno Foundation
  • Team*
  • Bounty

* Vesting period for the team is 1 year
Use Of Funds
  • Marketing & Business
  • Support of Franchisees
  • Additional ERP
    & Blockchain development*
  • Legal and licenses
* Will start as soon as sum of contributions for all macro-regions reaches 5 Mln USD
Token Uses
  • The tokens will represent franchise prices to open new academies in each macro-region
  • The tokens may be used to buy additional products and services for children
Token Value
  • The market demand for football academies for children is high in the abovementioned regions
  • Each subsequent academy capitalizes on the development of new features in the system as well as the growing popularity of the brand in its region
  • We are going to set the scale of growth for the future prices during the Token Sale
  • Upon achieving a hardcap for a macro-region, franchise rights for the new schools will be sold exclusively with tokens
Academy # Price*, tokens
1 60,000
2 80,000
3 100,000
4,... 120,000
*Example for Delhi (India),
real peices will vary by region
Our core team members are serial entrepreneurs with business acumen as well as football fans